Reap the Benefits of Salt

May 22 2014

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DAVID LINDSAYWhat’s a pinch of salt worth? More than you might think.

Here’s a myth buster for you … salt isn’t always the bad guy.  Your body needs it. Natural, unrefined salt has anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and anti-septic properties – the body can’t actually function correctly without it.

Salt, in its purest form, packs a punch as far as its health benefits are concerned, but we’re not talking about loading it to your cooking.

Ancient natural salt caves dating all the way back to the 1800s paved the way for today’s more scientific salt therapy (also known as halo therapy), helping to relieve the symptoms of Australians suffering from respiratory and skin ailments, while also aiding general wellbeing.

Salt therapy isn’t related to the old wives’ tale about ramping up the salt when you get a leg cramp. It has actually become medically relevant, with Australians opening up to this latest complementary therapy to help battle symptoms associated with everyday ailments, from the dreaded winter sniffles to asthma and eczema.

So what is it and how does it work?  Salt therapy is a non-invasive, chemical-free therapy designed to relieve congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airways and skin. By widening the airways of the respiratory tract, the micro salt particles reach deep into the respiratory system loosening up the mucus, and helping to reduce inflammation.

The best part – you won’t even know you’re being treated. You simply sit back, breathe and relax in ambient rooms designed to mimic a natural salt cave.  During the 45 minute session, a Halogenerator grinds up pharmaceutical grade salt to tiny particles that become airborne and dispersed.

The natural anti-inflammatory effect of salt comes from its ability to draw fluid – when you breathe in dry salt, minute particles line the airway walls drawing out the fluid from the inflamed airway, resulting in the sufferer coughing up congestion.

Salt particles also land on the skin and from here, the salt draws out the inflammation and cleans the surface, promoting cell rejuvenation which assists with healing.

It’s important to flag that salt therapy is not a cure but works in conjunction with medical treatment, helping to relieve symptoms of a range of respiratory conditions, from asthma to bronchitis as well as skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.   Most recently the complementary therapy has been popular in aiding sports recovery in athletes and children suffering from respiratory and skin conditions.

Australian owned and operated Salts of the Earth is leading the way with growing centres across Australia, offering adults and children natural relief from their symptoms in a relaxing environment.

So what’s a pinch of salt worth? As it turns out, a whole lot.



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Lindy Klim, Salts of the Earth ambassador, knows first-hand the positive impacts of salt therapy.

“My son Rocco had a bad nasal problem that was keeping him awake at night, so we wanted to find a non-invasive, natural remedy that would help to relieve his symptoms,” said Klim.

“We’re so grateful to have found Salts of the Earth, it really has made such a difference to him.  Rocco always had trouble sleeping as he had nasal dripping and was coughing all the time. After using salt therapy, the difference in Rocco was noticeable straight away.  He had a perfect night’s sleep without any disruption – there was no coughing and no complaints.”

Klim reaps the benefits of salt therapy to maintain her own wellbeing too.

“I fly a lot so it’s nice for me to enjoy the room and take 45 minutes just for myself, knowing that by simply sitting back and relaxing, my recovery from travel is being aided as salt therapy helps me to breathe better and sleep better,” added Klim.