Roll your stress away

July 16 2015

The demands of everyday life have officially escalated to the extreme. In one single day we are expected to juggle phone calls, emails, exercise, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. It’s exhausting, stressful, and can have us downing multiple coffees before 9am.

If only there was more time in the day…

Unfortunately we can’t fix that, but we can help you relax and undo all the tension, which will have you sleeping better, releasing tension stretching out your muscles, especially important if you spend a lot of the day sitting down. It all starts with one little contraption – the foam roller.

Here are a couple of manoeuvres you can try at home to roll away muscle strain on the spot.


Snow Angel

Lie on top of your roller so that it supports your entire spine. Keeping your arms parallel with the floor, inhale as you reach your arms up over your head, and exhale fully as you bring your arms back by your side.  Just like you’re making a snow angel! This will get the blood circulating in your upper back, neck and shoulders so your body can restore and realign itself, also helping with headaches.

Golden Arch

Place the roller horizontally at the bottom of your shoulder blades, interlace your fingers, place them behind your head and lay back. With your feet on the ground, hip width apart, gently inhale and arch your back over the roller. Whilst exhaling, curl back up into the letter C. Repeating this movement will restore the balance of your upper spine and neck, which becomes rounded after hours of sitting at a desk or on your phone. Deep breathing will also help emit CO2/toxic air, helping the body release stress more effectively

Roll & Twist

Sit with your left shin in front of you and your right shin by your right side. Place the foam roller in front of you and roll it forward on your arms as you inhale. Exhale as you sit back up, as the roller reaches your fingertips. Doing this will stretch, lengthen and tone the sides of your body, whilst releasing tension in your hips. Don’t forget to change sides to keep your body balanced.

So, at the end of a long day, reach for your foam roller for just 10 minutes of wind-down time and your body – and mind – will thank you for it.