Shopping savers that will surprise you…

November 28 2013

Looking for simple ways to save money? WY? has found five simple shopping savers to help increase your savings without having to forego your morning latte. And while you won’t become a millionaire overnight from these shopping savers, they will definitely surprise you and begin putting a few coins back into your pockets.


Sukin Natural Deodorant
$29.95 @ Glohealth vs $15.47 @ Return2health


NARS Compact Powder Foundation
$75.00 @ Mecca vs. $54.95 @


Vital Greens 120gm powder
$43.40 @ Vital greens vs. $38.85 @ Super Greens Online


Rescue remedy spray
$28.94 @ Chemist Warehouse Online vs. $24.95 @ iherb


For Kate: The Kate Moss Book
$120.00 from retailers vs. $53.18 @ Amazon