Supersonic, Clarisonic

Beauty January 23 2014

When the WY? team heard rumors about a new kid on the beauty block promising cleaner skin, fewer breakouts and smaller pores we had to get our hands on this so called ‘skin saviour’. Enter, the Clarisonic. WY? founder Skye Tipler and co-founder, Jessica Greenland road tested the latest beauty device to see if it really is supersonic…

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.46.45 AM

“I heart my Clarisonic! It’s like a luxurious toothbrush for your face. My skin loves it too, super clean and smooth” Skye Tipler, Who’s Your? founder

“I have been a Clarisonic owner for just over a month and I’m already obsessed! It’s excellent for removing make up and cleaning out your pores. This tool has changed my skin, making it feel smooth and fresh every time!” Jessica Greenland, Who’s Your? co-founder

What the experts say…WY? asked Yasmin Najjar, Managing Director at neoSKiN if she thinks the Clarisonic is really worth the pennies from your pocket….

“Absolutely! Clarisonic can really make your skin sing! We love it, our clients love it and you will love it too! The electronic cleansing brush exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin with a mototorised brush head allowing existing products to work even harder and penetrate deeper – it’s genius and a worthwhile investment! ” Yasmin Najjar.