Take it to the Barre…

May 07 2015

Get your body ‘en pointe’ with this ballet inspired workout! 

Release your inner ballerina with one of the latest fitness trends – barre classes. Using ballet, yoga and Pilates inspired moves and principles; barre classes focus on isometric strength training with high reps of small range of motion exercises. You’ll feel the burn!

With dedicated boutique barre studios continuing to pop up across Australia, we’ve rounded up some of the top places to plie squat and extend – all in the name of toned arms, a strong core and perky derriere!

Laura Wiederman and Danielle Mulham, Co-founders, The Vault Online, recommend…
Why you have recommended them: The best 55 minute workout you will ever get from top to toe!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 4.36.33 pm

Who’s Your? Recommends, Studio PP
A boutique pilates and barre studio with a dedicated barre room. Instructor Steph Prem is incredibly dedicated and educational and can make any tough exercise fun!

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Jessica Greenland recommends…

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We’ve also heard great things about…

KX Barre, Melbourne https://instagram.com/kxbarre
From the masters of pilates comes KX Barre, pilates inspired classes to tone, increase strength and flexibility.

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ALEENTA Barre, Melbourne and Adelaide – http://www.aleentabarre.com
Having been devoted to health and wellness in Melbourne, when founders Kylie and Claire moved to Adelaide they decided to bring barre with them. ALEENTA Barre now has two studios in Adelaide and one in Melbourne.

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