The avocado fat myth

July 15 2013

avocadoWhether they’re spread on a rice cake, or packed into a guacamole dip, WY? HQ agrees that avocados make the best snacks. For the calorie counters amongst us, it’s true an average avocado contacts 25 grams of fat or 225 calories. But the type of fats held in this delicious fruit is what the experts call good fats. These include phytosterols which help bring down inflammation from joint pain and digestive sensitivities – good news for the food intolerant among us.  Next is your monounsatured fat which is good for your heart and skin. And avocados also boast vitamin K which helps blood clotting, bruising, heavy blood flow and bone density. If you’ve held off the avocado indulgence for fear of blowing your daily calorie count, we think the health benefits outweigh the calories.

Source: The Telegraph