The Latest Caffeine Craze – Nitro Coffee

April 21 2016

coffeeCoffee isn’t an addiction; it’s a way of life. And at WY? we’ve discovered the next big thing for coffee lovers – and it has amazing health benefits too!

Nitro Coffee…

That’s right! Much like nitro-lab, and other nitrogen infused delicacies, Nitro Coffee is cold brewed, poured into a keg, and then instilled with icy cold nitrogen gas. Say goodbye to iced lattes, and hello to this frothy and creamy new cup of Joe.

How does it work?

Just like a cold beer, Nitro Coffee is served straight from the tap but still has that great coffee taste we Australians love.  What’s more, there is no milk, sugar or alcohol, and it contains approximately 30 per cent more caffeine per shot. Perfect for that extra hit of energy when your mind and body need it most!

At WY? we thought this new coffee trend was too good to be true, so we did some further research, and found that it not only tastes delicious, but that consuming the iced beverage has some unexpected benefits for your wellbeing.

The Pros:

Improves your mental and physical performance. Coffee increases our alertness, and can stop us from feeling tired – and with an extra 30% of caffeine in every shot, Nitro Coffee can increase blood flow to the brain, therefore aiding your cognitive function.

Improves blood flow

High in antioxidants, which fight toxins in the body and protect our cells, so that we can continue to do the things we love.

Contains no sugar. Nitro Coffee doesn’t require sugar or milk when served, instead the creamy texture and sweet taste comes from the nitrogen infusion.

Less acidic than traditional coffee. Nitro Coffee is cold brewed using dark roasts, which have lower acidity levels than lighter roasts brewed at hot temperatures. Less acidity means no heartburn, or any symptoms of reflux.

Of course, while coffee can become a necessity in our busy schedules, too much caffeine can be harmful, so it’s always best to keep track of how much you consume. That being said, we can see why more and more Australian baristas are heading towards the trend that swept America in 2012.

WY? on the hunt for Nitro Coffee at….

– Coffee HQ at Flinders Street Station, CBD Melbourne (VIC)
– Smith Street Alimentari , Collingwood (VIC)
– St Rose Cafe, Essendon (VIC)
– VCR Cafe Brisbane (QLD)
– Santucci’s Cafe, Camberwell (VIC)