Beauty June 04 2012

There is one thing that I always get asked when it comes to makeup and that is:
What is the one product you cannot live without?

The answer- there is never just one.

As a self-confessed product junkie and someone that rarely relies on one glorified go-to to keep me ‘makeup-happy’ each day, I am never able to single out just one staple item. And being a Gemini, my loyalty to something remains for roughly a month before moving on to the next latest, greatest beauty buy!

In saying this however, there are MAKEUP RULES (my ‘beauty bible’ if you will) that I salute, swear by and pass on to anyone who cares to listen. Guidelines that have stood the test of time and influence any decision I make when it comes to purchasing, creating or deciding where to next for my beauty stash, as well as instrumental for fashioning my look and more importantly, that of my clients’

  1. 1. It’s all about the brushes
    Invest in a professional set of brushes and applying your makeup will no longer feel like a chore but a labour of love. A good brush is expensive but worth every penny.
  2. 2. Never skip concealor
  3. An effective quality concealor that provides coverage and luminosity is the only solution to hiding that which we loathe- dark circles, breakouts and scars.
  4. 3.  Primer is my best friend
  5. I have to agree with Napoleon Perdis- ‘not to prime, is a crime’.
  6. Never skip this step in your makeup application and never again feel the need to touch up. It’s the building block of a long wear, long lasting application.
  7. 4. Put away the tweezers
  8. The eyebrows are the structure and frame of every beautiful face. Leave the shaping to a specialist. In terms of beauty, the perfect brow is the Holy Grail.5. Brown is the new black
    For every eye colour, brown is the softer, more flattering sister to black. From day to night and everywhere in between, go subtle and go brown.