To have and to hold: A guide to caring for your forever handbag

August 27 2015


Image Credit: The Vault Online

After chatting with France Colignon this week and spending hours browsing and dreaming of the amazing designer bags on her website Cosette, we’ve been inspired. Once you make the purchase of that clutch or tote that you’ve been lusting over for weeks, it’s important to take care of it as if it were your own child. Extreme? Perhaps, but all true handbag lovers will understand.

To justify spending some serious dollars on an accessory, it is imperative to prolong the life of your bag for as long as possible. Make sure your luxe new leather can be passed down to your daughter (or stolen by your sister!) by practicing these quick and easy tips.

Firstly, always try to keep your bags away from UV rays and direct sunlight. This will increase the chance of the colour fading, and you don’t want that beautiful stark black Prada turning to chimney-coal grey. Use the dustbag your new prized possession came in to store your bag when not in use – and remember to stuff with tissue paper to help keep its shape.

Another big no-no is wearing light coloured handbags with new denim jeans. The probability of colour transfer is very high – especially on leather. Colour migration and colour run can be irreversible and a major disaster. Don’t forget to consider every aspect of your outfit when pairing your clothes with your bag – and be extra cautious in the rain!

Finally, tan leather handles and straps often turn dark over time due to hand sweat or hand lotion. Try carrying your handbag on your arm as an alternative when possible to keep your bag looking like you bought it just yesterday.

For more tips and tricks or for some help restoring your bag, Who’s Your? loves My Bag Spa – your bag’s very own day spa for some TLC!

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