Top Tips to Balance Your Christmas Tipple During The Party Season

December 04 2014

With summer now upon us and Christmas and New Years Eve fast approaching, there’s no doubt that it’s party season. Work, social and family events are filling our diaries, and it’s a well-known association that social events equal extra alcohol consumption.

Whether you find yourself reaching for another glass out of the festive spirit, social shyness, stress or habit, Georgia Foster, hypnotist and author of the Drink Less Mind program, shares her top tips for curbing excessive alcohol consumption during the busy ‘silly season’.

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1. Decide before you go out how much you are going to drink over the hours you are there and stick to it.

2. Finish each drink before you have a top up so you can gauge how much you are drinking.

3. Be careful with cocktails and punches. They can be lethal and hard to tell how much alcohol is in them.

4. Do not be coerced into drinking to please others.  Tell little white lies if you need to.

Such as: Feign you are taking antibiotics or just a little under the weather.  Even better, tell people you have a ‘cracking hangover’ and couldn’t fathom a drink!

5. DOWO Policy. Drink one, water one.  Alternate between alcohol and water, to keep you hydrated.

6. Drink from your non-dominant hand.  It will seem a little uncomfortable, so it will make you more aware of how much you are drinking.

7. Drink a big glass of water before you start drinking, to hydrate yourself.