March 07 2013

Autumn has arrived and it’s time to revisit and refresh your wardrobe…WY? guest contributor Krystel Davis, designer of IXIAH has provided WY? with tips on how to reinvent your favourite looks in cooler temperatures.

One of the most creative ways to wear clothes in Autumn is by layering. It adds more dimension to your style, embodying the height of versatility. From the cold outdoors to overheated offices, layering allows you to put-on/take-off pieces to suit your body’s temperature. Stick to lighter basics underneath to prevent the bulky bag-lady look. Garment tips include the use of collared shirts; layering round neck knits over the top with just the collar pulled-out for an on-trend style. For extra warmth and flair, layer a high neck tunic beneath the shirt in a contrasting colour.

Just because it’s cooler doesn’t mean you have to leave your graphic summer tees in the back of the closet. Instead, try layering two tees together by roughing up the sleeves of a longer shirt beneath a pop coloured tunic. Garment tip: keep warm and stay stylish without adding bulk.

This season begs you to cover up with outfit additions like scarves and snoods. Wrapping a scarf around your neck is an obvious choice, but you can layer a scarf in so many ways: wear it around your head, let it sit loosely or wrap a fringe knit snood over a long-sleeve sweater. IXIAH’s Catalan Hood showcases this trend in your choice of grey, black or ivory – an absolute must-have for the colder months.

A good pair of leggings are the perfect look this Autumn. Wearing your favourite summer pieces with fitted tights is a great way to reinvigorate styles. This not only keeps you warm but also primps up your outfit to be season best. Try the IXIAH Regions Legging for a flawless look.