October 25 2012

Allergy season is upon us and there’s nothing more irritating than constant sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose. When hayfever strikes, you want it to stop, immediately, but before you reach for the prescription drugs we’ve got three natural ways that will help you control your hay fever symptoms this allergy season.

Vogel Luffa Complex Nasal Spray
This product contains Luffa (Luffa operculata), an effective ingredient that helps combat the symptoms of rhinitis, which includes sneezing, nasal discharge and a blocked nose. With other anti allergy properties including heartseed, golden thryallis and chapparal, this stuff really works!

Garlic & Horseradish tablets  
Both ingredients work wonders for nasal and sinus problems and are great for treating the symptoms of hayfever. Remember you can always up the amount of garlic in your cooking too!

Omega 3 
Dose up on oily fish or take an Omega 3 supplement and say goodbye to hayfever! Research has shown that Omega 3 reduces inflammatory chemicals in the body, which makes it an effective remedy to combating these unwelcome symptoms.