August 09 2012

We are bombarded with advice on how to improve our health through better diet and exercise habits, but what about how we treat our body externally? Many of the products we use on our skin, hair and nails are filled with chemicals that have the potential to bring more harm than good. To help you out, we have developed a guide of organic beauty brands that smell a treat and are enviro-friendly.

Suntegrity: Want SPF 30 protection but don’t like that sunscreen smell. Suntegrity smells light and citrusy – like juicy tangerines – and it’s packed with plenty of good stuff, including cucumber extract and aloe pulp.

Sheswai: These nail polishes come in a kaleidoscope of cool colours, are made without the toxic trio of formaldehyde, DBP and toluene, and the bottle caps are made from sustainably harvested wood!

TAY: Forgo your usual toner in favour of TAY’s anti-ageing Botanical Water.

ILIA: As well as fish scales, lip colours are jam-packed with nasty things. ILIA lipsticks are free from phthalates and artificial preservatives, and hydrate with a range of natural oils.

Honoré des Prés: Rather than spraying yourself with a cocktail of chemicals, try a scent from this organic French perfumery. The out-of-the-box packaging makes them even more irresistible!