Food November 28 2012

The rise of the food truckie gang roaming our city’s streets is still on its way up. New additions to the street food scene are taking Australia’s cities by storm; all you have to do is check Facebook and Twitter and, if you’re lucky, a truck will set up shop near you come lunch or dinner time. Here are some of our favourite food trucks.

Dhaba Curry Truck: Feel like a steaming plate of hot curry and rice? Dhaba Curry Truck hits the spot with its offerings of Indian street food. Some of our favourites include the Papadi Chaat, a vegetarian-friendly chickpea curry served with crispy crackers to scoop up the good stuff. Non-veg options are also available for the carnivorous ladies.

Yogurtddiction: The name might be a mouthful, but come summer you won’t mind a mouthful of Yogurtddiction’s yummy frozen yoghurts. Great for a spot of dessert, you can build-your-own parfaits with a range of flavours, toppings and crunchy bits.

Firetruck BBQ: Where there is smoke, there is fire! Complete with American-style killer spice rubs, the BBQ ribs, pulled pork and lamb racks have all been simmering away slowly and for long hours (anywhere between 4 to 18 hours), resulting in a smoky, juicy deliciousness. This one’s not for the faint-hearted.

Jafe Jaffles: Jaffles have come a long way from the cheese and vegemite after-school snack. Painted a similar shade to a Kraft Singles slice, this bright yellow truck serves decidedly grown-up jaffles with ingredients like sauerkraut, poached chicken and basil pesto. There are even dessert options like the wonderfully gooey chocolate and hazelnut fondant jaffle!

Raw Thirst: Get into some juicy goodness with Raw Thirst’s offerings of healthy juices and smoothies. Made without sugary fillers like frozen yoghurt or sorbet, there are no hidden kilojoules so there is nothing but goodness in every cup. And because they’re squeezed to order, you will get loads more vitamins in each slurp.

Psst…We’ve got a little secret for you. You can find a handy map of what trucks are out on the streets today by going to Now you can be first in line!