January 31 2013

The usual Valentine’s Day gifts have us all nodding off…think outside the chocolate box this year…these Who’s Your? ideas will get you started…

I love you so…I’m looking after your health!
Book your other half in for a top-to-tail health assessment with an Integrated Doctor. So you can love him forever!

Pamela Dagley
The National Institute of Integrative Medicine.
Sumo Health and Harmony

I love you and your new skin…
Book him in with the famous Travelling Peelsman – he comes to you so no excuses necessary…book a signature treatment and peel away the years!

James Vivian

I love you and your money…
Make sure he’s looking after your future…book him in with a financial planner and protect your future patch. 

Robert Beutum


125 years of British Luxury
ipad Mini case from Smythson

Love songs and dedications
Sign him up for Spotify and dance the night away…
Visit the app store…

The money or the box
Sign him up for Svbscription – he’ll love the luxury themed parcels arriving every quarter…