Wake up wonderful; 5 Tips You Need to Know for Sound Sleep

March 04 2016

SleepWarm milk, lavender… we are all aware of the old methods for a good night’s sleep, but our modern ways and daily habits may be sabotaging our sleep more than we’re aware of.

With working hours creating internal stress, busy social lives and family time being paramount, an adequate night of rest is essential to leave you feeling on top of your tasks and high on health. It’s not only about feeling sleepy – sustained lack of sleep has serious health consequences including increasing your odds of developing diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and weight gain.
WY? has counted the sheep and discovered 5 essential tips for a sound night of sleep!

- Curb the caffeine – It may sound like a no brainer, but caffeine can sneak its way into your system by more than just your daily latte. Many teas, flavoured waters and soft drinks will contain caffeine, so it’s always a good idea to check labels and cut the post-lunch coffees, with no tea after 4pm either!

- Wind down your wine – Even though a couple of nightly glasses of red may help you relax, alcohol can disturb your sleep cycles by decreasing deep sleep in the second half of your cycle. Stick to an early wine with dinner, and only drink in moderation to ensure a good night’s rest.

- Turn off the tech – Hard to imagine in a constantly connected world, but if you find yourself trawling Instagram before your shut eye, you’re doing more harm than ‘likes’! The soft blue glow from devices stimulates your brain, so go tech-free for an hour before bed.

- Save it for sleep and sex – Our bedrooms have become our living rooms, between reviewing work papers, playing with our children, watching a late-night movie on your laptop – creating associations of stimulating activity within your brain. Regulate the bedroom for only two activities – sleeping and sex!

- Stress-less for sleep – if you’re prone to worrying thoughts keeping you up, keep a ‘worry journal’ by your bed so you can easily release any stress by putting your thoughts on paper. Your mind will then be free to begin to relax, knowing that anything you have to do tomorrow will be recorded for the morning.