What is Vitality?

October 02 2014

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Living your best life? Putting the most fabulous version of you forward everyday?  Are you healthy, sleep deeply, have a zest for living and an overall feeling of contentment?

‘Vitality’ is one of our favourite words and pretty much sums up this harmonious way of being. With synonyms like exuberance, strength, vivacity, spunk, stamina, drive, liveliness and get-up-and-go, who wouldn’t want to aim for a life of vitality?

Who’s Your? is a destination for health, wellness, fitness, beauty, fashion and recommendations from influencers and those in the know. Who’s Your? is proud to be partnering with the like-minded Vitality Show, an experience for women to explore a day of self-discovery, fitness, beauty, wellness, nutrition and more; everything you need to look good and feel even better.

In the quest for this happier and healthier life, we chatted to Lorna Jane, Jessica Sepel and Cassie Mendoza-Jones, three leading ladies in the wellness world, on their advice for achieving vitality through movement, the mind and nourishment.




Touted as the definitive ladies’ day out for women who are after the best in active, healthy living with a generous dose of beauty, pampering and nourishment, The Vitality Show is a must visit for those in Sydney from the 10th – 12th October.

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