Why you should sit still…

November 21 2013

feel-good-happiness-happy-Favim.com-811331Living in a world where social media dominates our every move and stress levels are at an all time high has meant we are losing the ability to ‘be present’. In light of this WY? asked the fabulous Founder of Smiling Mind, Jane Martino to share her top five reasons why we should all take time to sit still and just be.

1. To become a better person/mother/colleague/wife
Meditation provides time and space to contemplate, breathe and reflect and will lead you on a path of self discovery. Personally, meditation has allowed me to let go of hesitations, to be vulnerable, admit weaknesses and accept that sometimes I need help with things.

2. Because everyone deserves time out
We all work hard so rewarding ourselves (and our tired minds) with time out is an important part of nurturing ourselves and showing our body that we care about its welfare. All those ‘bits’ do an incredible job each day so they deserve us thinking about what they need to be at their very best!

3. It creates positive change
Meditation leads to positive change and often causes a shift in one’s outlook and perception on life. Others will often ask what your ‘secret’ is and that’s your way of being able to help others make change in their lives. By educating others about the benefits of yoga and meditation the circle of change, acceptance, gratitude and giving begins.

4. To teach our children to enjoy the moment
When was the last time we as grown ups put down our phones and just enjoyed the moment? Parents often talk about how they cannot get their kids off electronic devices, but how can we expect the next generation to understand the importance of looking around and enjoying the world if we ourselves don’t encourage time out. Enjoying real moments, in real time, with real people is part of just ‘being’ so avoid uploading every ‘moment’ to instagram and choose to be present instead.

5. It changes your life (in a good way!)
It’s that simple. Who needs more of an incentive than that? Dedicate time to meditate and enjoy sitting still…