September 06 2013

At WY? we are all over the latest health trends. Goji berries, chia seeds and kale? That’s old news. Check out what we’re loving this autumn.

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Coconut delight
Coconut butter, flakes, oil and flour. At WY? we are going coco crazy with coconut flour making a statement in our kitchen as the top ingredient for grain-free baking. Try these Chocolate Raspberry Muffins from Teresa Cutter.

Mindful eating
We’re all guilty of eating lunch at our desk from time to time but this can wreak serious havoc on digestion and cause over eating. It’s time to start savouring every bite and eat meals in peace – without distraction from electronics and your computer screen.

Cultured/fermented foods 
Fermentation delivers health benefits we cannot ignore. By changing foods that are hard to digest or even toxic in their raw state, this process helps our digestive and immune systems function more effectively. Read more about the magic of cultured foods here.