WY’S To Do List This Easter Break…

March 22 2013

With Easter fast approaching and bringing with it a long-awaited four days off, we’ve been busy deciding the best way to spend it. Check out our top selection of things to prepare for the break…

Customised Easter cupcakes – Already a WY? fave! Beautifully decorated and scrumptiously sweet! You can find the recipe here

Game of Thrones - but beware…this series is downright addictive!

Robyn’s Body Talk – We can’t get enough of this Swedish sensation… “Dancing On My Own” on repeat.

Play your cards right with Tiffany’s adorable playing cards… It’s time to up the ante!

Been thinking about joining the IQS bandwagon? Post-Easter sugar high is the perfect time to begin and who better than Sarah Wilson to help us say goodbye to the sweet stuff…