Fashion September 07 2012

If you want to survive NYFW, you’ll have to learn the language. Don’t fret. With our guide to fash speak and verbiage, we’ll have you conversing with the natives in no time…

FASHION WEAK – The fatigue one feels at the end of NYFW after five days of stiletto trotting, show hopping and champagne drinking.

FIERCE – Another word for ‘fabulous’, made popular by Project Runway’s Christian Siriano.

EVERYTHING – A word to describe fashion all-rounders and/or overachievers like Kym Ellery and Christine Centenera.

NATCH – An abbreviation for ‘naturally’.

TOTES – An abbreviation for ‘totally’. Can also be used in phrases such as ‘totez’ and ‘totes bag’ to convey the same meaning

I DIE – A annoying Rachel Zoe-coined phrase used to convey one’s intense pleasure and euphoria towards a certain designer or piece of clothing.

LENS LURKER – Wannabes who hang outside of NYFW in the hopes of being snapped by Street Style Papp.

MIZMATCHED – Wearing too many trends at once. Think colour blocking, studs and Navajo all in one disastrous ensemble.